Third Party Articles page

Third Party Articles page

The articles we have listed below discuss trends and opportunities in the real estate investment market. They will provide helpful information, detailed reports, and comments from reliable third-party sources about many topics involving real estate investment processes. A variety of topics can be discussed within the real estate investment field, but we have chosen articles that cover a wide range of topics such as 1031 DST Exchanges, REITS, tax deferral, and the financial management, in order to keep you most informed. Understanding these processes will help our clients to make the best decisions they can make to reach their goals, and it is our job to partner with the client in order to make their goals attainable.

Commercial Investment Real Estate - "DST vs TIC"

DSTs - "What is a Delaware Statutory Trust?"

1031 Exchange Rules

Cash Investments - "MORE: Multiple Owner Real Estate"

IPX 1031- "Why choose IPX 1031 as your qualified intermediary?"

DST vs TIC- "Fractional Ownership Delaware Statutory Trust versus Tenant-In-Common Ownership"

IRS Issued Tax Relief- "Tax Benefits of Exchanges"

Consider a DST- "Why consider a Delaware Statutory Trust as 1031 Replacement Property"



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